Anne Diamond gets criticism over harsh remarks about Emma Raducanu: ‘Leave the poor girl alone’

GB News presenter Anne Diamond is receiving backlash after this ‘ill-informed’ comment...

GB News Anne Diamond slams Emma Raducanu Wimbledon Andy Murray mixed doubles
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GB News Anne Diamond slams Emma Raducanu Wimbledon Andy Murray mixed doubles

Emma Raducanu recently dropped out of her mixed doubles match with Andy Murray - bringing his Tennis career to an abrupt end. Emma is currently the British No. 3 Tennis player and world No. 135. She previously received a congratulatory letter from the late Queen after she became the first British woman to win a Grand Slam in 44 years in 2021.

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She was set to play a mixed doubles match with Andy Murray at SW19 over the weekend but dropped out due to an ongoing health issue, reports The Express. She cited stiffness in her right wrist as the reason to drop out and said:

Unfortunately, I woke up with some stiffness in my right wrist this morning. I have decided to make the very tough decision to withdraw from the mixed doubles. I’m disappointed as I was really looking forward to playing with Andy but I've got to take care.

GB News presenter Anne Diamond criticised over remarks on Emma Raducanu

Following her drop out from what would’ve been Andy Murray’s last match, GB New presenter Anne Diamond - who suffers from her own health problems - made rather harsh comments about her. Post Emma’s decision, Andy’s last match is now the one he played with his brother Jamie on July 4, Thursday where he got defeated.

As the 37-year-old was denied his last championship match, Anne Diamond was left devastated and remarked she was ‘shattered.’ She said:

I’m shattered by it, I really am. Just speaking as a fan, I was really looking forward to it.

She explained how she won’t be rooting for Emma anymore as she has ‘snubbed’ the Wimbledon king. Anne shared:

I also see it as a giant snub from a young girl, who has got a future ahead of her, yes, but he is the king of Wimbledon. I’m not rooting for her anymore.
I’m so sorry, I was yesterday. I was so keen and absolutely behind her, and now this. To me, this is like Rishi Sunak going back from the D-Day beaches early. I think it’s unforgivable.

However, her harsh comments were met with a lot of criticism as fans lined up on X to support Emma. One said:

Emma has to put her own Wimbledon ambitions first. I usually like Anne Diamond but this was an ill informed comment.

Others argued that Anne’s remarks were blown and said:

It’s Wimbledon, not the Andy Murray farewell tour.
Leave the poor girl alone. Murray retired before, then came back, had [a] huge reception on Thursday night so he can have no complaints. Just hope Emma has switched off to all this unwarranted hate.

However, Diamond wasn't the only person who was disappointed by Raducanu's last-minute decision.

Andy Murray's mother commented on Emma Raducanu's last-minute pull-out

Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray was reported to have also taken a dig at Emma’s decision, as per The Independent.

After it was revealed that Andy was devastated by the decision, Judy’s post on X certainly raised eyebrows and was labelled 'cryptic'. The 64-year-old reacted to a news post on X that called the news:

Yes, astonishing.

She eventually made her X account private as her post flooded with replies. On Sunday morning, Judy took to X again clarified her comment and said people didn’t understand her sarcasm. She said:

Not sure anyone understands sarcasm these days. Pretty sure the scheduling (4th match court 1 with a singles following day) will have played a major part in any decision making.

Meanwhile, Emma - who lost her Singles match the next day - insisted that she ‘stands by the decision’ of pulling out of the game. According to The Express, she also defended Andy’s mother Judy and said:

I'm sure she didn't mean it.

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