This Woman's Crying Dog Saved The Life Of Her Unborn Baby

This Woman's Crying Dog Saved The Life Of Her Unborn Baby

Alhanna Butler owes her life to Keola, her American Akita. Alhanna was pregnant and noticed that her dog kept following her around everywhere and she wouldn't stop barking at her. Soon after, she realised that her dog was trying to warn her. 

Alhanna, 21, is a resident of Doncaster, England and was pregnant with her first child. During her pregnancy, her dog was very protective of her then began to cry and groan near her stomach. It was a very strange behaviour because Keola was never like that before Alhanna's pregnancy. Could Keola be warning her of something?

The grim situation 

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Alhanna soon began to feel pain in her body. After an appointment with the doctor, she discovered a serious infection and needed to be hospitalised quickly. When she arrived at the hospital, she collapsed. Doctors detected a second infection and an antibiotic-resistant virus.

Just in the nick of time 

The doctors were very straightforward with her and mentioned that if she didn't come to the hospital sooner then she would have died. Alhanna said, 'Keola was sitting, looking at me so intensely that I was afraid. My mother told me: "Listen to your dog, she's trying to tell you something thing". She's the most incredible dog and I owe my life to her'. Alhanna was placed under intensive care but then was recovered and her baby wasn't in danger anymore. She gave birth to a little boy named Lincoln, who is overprotected and loved by the dog.

• Will Armstrong
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