Dog gets a facelift and enjoys a new chance at life

This dog had excess skin removed, this is Chief's story.

Dog gets a facelift and enjoys a new start at life
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Dog gets a facelift and enjoys a new start at life

Chief, a Basset Hound from Ireland, was recently under the knife. The reason was not a blemish, but that he could no longer see properly. During his facelift, 'more than 2 pounds of sagging skin was removed'.

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A dog undergoing surgery for a facelift

Basset Hounds are known for their long floppy ears and droopy eyes. Their floppy coat is also a characteristic, according to the ASPCA. But three-year-old Chief has "always had trouble seeing" because of it, according to Tracey McDermott, Chief's owner, told SWNS:

As he grew and got bigger, the problem with his vision also increased, so we became more and more worried about him.

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A new life

So, earlier this year, McDermott decided to give her pooch a new life. Previously, she tried to give her dog eye drops, but this did not work.

Finally, the owner decided to operate. The operation lasted five hours. In a veterinary clinic in Dublin, Ireland, surgeon Mike Woods was responsible for Chief. He removed most of the skin from the dog's neck and corrected eyelids and eyebrows.

'He couldn't blink properly anymore'

Woods came to this decision because he thought a facelift would definitely improve Chief's quality of life. However, he wanted to wait 'until the dog was fully grown'. The doctor explained:

Chief had the typical anatomy of a Basset Hound, but suffered from severe ptosis of the upper eyelids and ectropion of the lower eyelids (droopy and drooping), which resulted in his inability to blink and see properly.

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After the surgery

The surgical procedure was 'challenging,' according to Woods, but now the basset hound is 'happier than ever.' Chief's vision is now much improved, according to owner McDermott. How nice that the little dog can now cuddle with his owner again in peace!

Plastic surgery in dogs is not uncommon. As further reports, nose operations, testicle implants and facelifts are possible. A doctor from Brazil is even said to have injected a Doberman with Botox to beautify his ears.

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