How To Declutter Your Food Pantry

How many wasted hours have you spent searching for items in your food pantry? Save your answer, we know! We often find it easier to pop things in our food pantry straightaway because it's quick but what we should really be doing is keeping it organised from the beginning. Take a look at our gallery for ideas on how you can declutter your pantry in a matter of minutes!

How To Declutter Your Food Pantry
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How To Declutter Your Food Pantry

How To Declutter Your Pantry

Keeping it organised really isn't a huge task at all. All you need are simple plastic bins or baskets, extra racks, jars, labels, and clips! It doesn't have to be expensive either because you can buy these items at the dollar store. Once you have a great organisation system in place, you will love it!

1. Labelling: Labelling will be your new best friend. Group your food items, label them, and throw them in the bins. It will make it easier to find your products quickly.

2. Remove plastics: Get rid of all the plastic waste - it makes your pantry look messy and it's not necessary. Instead place your food items in reusable containers or jars. It's practical and looks great.

3. Metal racks: Metal racks are super cheap and they are the perfect solution for holding canned or heavy goods.. You can even install metal racks on the side doors for extra storage space - it's great for your spices and condiments.

4. Clips: Nail a lining of clips on the wall and hang all your snacks and crisps. It looks clean and is easily accessible.

5. Shoe organisers: Use shoe organisers if you want to go for a cheaper option - you can hold several goods in the pockets.

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