Paul Cattermole: Former S Club 7 member is now working this very unexpected job

S Club 7's Paul Cattermole is now making a living doing this wacky job.

The Former S Club 7 member has had a less-than-conventional trajectory following his time in the spotlight, but with his most recent business venture, could things finally start looking up for him?

What happened after S Club?

Shortly after leaving the group behind—the first to do so in 2002—Cattermole ventured into the music industry with old school friends. Unfortunately, this did not last very long, as his newly formed band had a hard time cracking the business and never managed to get signed.

He later struggled financially and filed for bankruptcy in 2014 before resorting to selling some of his awards online to pay off his debts.

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What's his most recent business venture?

The 44-year-old singer is now giving psychic readings a shot. After claiming to have taken a week-long educational course, he is now offering his services to fans and members of the public. To get in contact with the former S Club 7 member, you will have to call a premium phone line that will be setting you back £39.95 for a 20-minute phone session.

The singer-turned-card-reader has explained that the lessons he has learned in life and his experiences as a celebrity have equipped him to be able to pursue this profession. He said:

I have an abundance of experience and knowledge to share with you from my days in pop band S Club 7 to my present role as a spiritual psychic where my reputation over the years has earned me the title of Psychic Detective.

Before adding:

I have a keen interest in getting to the root and cause of any problem as an Intuitive Paranormal Investigator. You can ask me ANYTHING (except for what is not allowed via the terms and conditions of the website!).
Remember S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole? This is what he’s up to now Remember S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole? This is what he’s up to now