Former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star has transitioned from male to female

Rodrigo Alves was well-known for his extreme plastic surgery look, but it looks like the controversial Celebrity Big Brother star has taken things in a different direction...

Say goodbye to Rodrigo Alves who had spent over £500,000 on surgery to become the Human Ken Doll. Earlier this year, Rodrigo Alves transitioned into a woman. She is now known as Jessica Alves. The former flight attendant has hit back against critics of her extreme lifestyle choice by saying:

Cosmetic surgery was the only way for me to reconnect with my soul. I felt like I was born into the wrong body and it took a lot of courage for me to fix that. After my operations I gained self-confidence and was able to live my life as I wanted.

After being removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2018 following use of a racial slur and further inappropriate behaviour, Rodrigo, before her transition, had run into trouble once again as she was arrested in Berlin for carrying an expired passport—in which her photograph was unrecognisable due to her many surgeries. In the UK, you can get apply for a new passport and get a gender change. You need a Gender Recognition Certificate, a new birth certificate showing your acquired gender and/or a letter from your doctor confirming your change of gender is likely to be permanent.

Jessica revealed:

I'm a huge supporter of gender equality and the new trend gender fluid—I regard myself as a gender fluid person.
I wear make-up and a corset which are made for the female, but I would like to change that and launch a new trend for the man. Wearing a corset under a blazer looks very elegant and helps with one's posture.

Jessica deleted Rodrigo Alves' Instagram to get a clean state. By doing so, she completely erased Rodrigo from this world. It was time for her to say goodbye to this other person.

Jessica is now living her truth.

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