This Gorgeous Instagrammer Has Over 650k Followers - But She's Hiding A Surprising Secret...

This Gorgeous Instagrammer Has Over 650k Followers - But She's Hiding A Surprising Secret...

Chloe B is a French Instagram influencer who has over 650,000 followers. However, despite her glamorous snaps and seriously enviable sense of style, Chloe has been hiding something from her followers. Now, she's bringing it to the fore with a new hashtag campaign...

As a place of sharing and expression, Instagram has been committed since its inception to developing a platform where everyone can find their place and have freedom of expression. However, it can often become a place where we see lots of 'perfect' faces and bodies and start to think we can never compete. 

However, French online influencer Chloe B from Marseille is doing something to combat this. In a recent story, the pretty blonde created a hashtag with her subscribers allowing them all to share their thoughts around the themes of self-esteem, acceptance and body positivity.

She explains that she struggles every day to improve her self-confidence because she too has gone through periods of doubt, especially due to her struggles with acne. 

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In a post made on January 16th, Chloe said: ‘Thank you for all your support on my story, #WeAreConfident is for you! So let us get motivated together to achieve our personal and professional goals, create our businesses, become more fulfilled... It's not instantaneous, but by setting small goals every day, surpassing oneself, having confidence in oneself and coming out of our comfort zones I'm sure everything is possible for us, so what are your goals? #iBelieveInMe #inUsWeTrust’

The young woman pushes her subscribers to believe in themselves and their dreams. Under this same hashtag, members of her community have published many photos proudly highlighting their bodies. A beautiful initiative!

Check out the video above for more from Chloe B's important and inspiring campaign! 


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