What Does 'Body Shaming' Really Mean?

Whether it's on social networks, on television, on the Internet or even in real life, body shaming is everywhere. But what is it?

What Does 'Body Shaming' Really Mean?
What Does 'Body Shaming' Really Mean?

Body shaming means 'humiliating, criticising or stereotyping someone based on their physical appearance'. And this practice is unfortunately far too common in our society. Too fat, too skinny, too small, too big, too much makeup, not enough makeup... All this criticism fuels body shaming. From stars to ordinary people, it affects almost everyone as it seems people will find something wrong with just about any type of body.

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And when somebody dares to embrace their body and all its quirks, it can become even worse, as trolls make their way out of the woodwork to knock them back down again. This activity has become a hobby for haters who hide behind a screen to argue and insult people.

In advertisements, marketing campaigns, social networks, where only perfect bodies are represented, body shaming is even more present. Be it for a car brand, shower gel or disposable razors, women must be 'flawless' and conform to traditional beauty standards. Tiny waist, made up face and not a hair out of place, women have become objects that need to be smooth and perfect.

But the most beautiful act of rebellion is going against all these clichés and loudly and proudly embracing who we are.

Take a look at the video above for a much-needed dose of body positivity - and remember every body is beautiful.

What is body hair positivity? What is body hair positivity?