How To Give A Foot Massage: 5 Techniques That Work

How To Give A Foot Massage: 5 Techniques That Work

Foot massages can bring a great feeling of well-being and relaxation. Ohmymag has 5 top tips to help you give the best foot massage ever. 

How To Give A Foot Massage

1. Foot reflexology: A popular type of foot massage is foot reflexology. It involves putting pressure on certain areas of the foot, including the arch. Each area is associated with a part of the body and can relieve many ailments. After a general touch, it is necessary to massage and stimulate the appropriate reflex points. You should learn about this type of massage thoroughly before performing it. 

2. Massaging the soles of the feet: You should always use an oil to massage the feet. The first step is to go back and forth on the sole of the foot, starting from the toes to the heel, and pressing lightly. It is important to do these movements several times. This area is particularly sensitive: you therefore have to adapt to the reactions of the person being massaged. They may feel slight pain or have the sensation of being tickled.

3. Movements around the ankle: Massaging around the ankle bone is very nice, provided you perform the movements correctly. You must use both hands and make circular movements on either side of the bone, gently passing your fingers over it. Warning: if you are too heavy-handed, this will not be pleasant.

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4. The flexion-extension of the toes: The toes should not be neglected. Before proceeding to a real toe massage, it is recommended to do flexion-extensions. You must hold the toes with one hand and hold the foot with the other. Bend the toes forward, then backwards, gently and especially not forcing them. The toes are very fragile and you could quickly hurt the person you are massaging. These manipulations are intended to relax the tendons of the flexor and extensor muscles of the toes.

5. Toe massage: After doing these movements, you can start the toe massage. You must take the toes one by one, massaging them individually. For the massage to be effective, you need to repeat the gestures several times. Start with the little toe and finish with the big toe.

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