Zodiac: These are the 4 most narcissistic zodiac signs

Have you found yourself in a narcissistic relationship or have you been told you are narcissistic? It can be hard but there can be some meaning found in the stars...

As more and more people enter the world of astrology and zodiac signs, they can discover things about themselves that they never knew before. For some, these can be good things, for others, they can be flaws, such as narcissism. Here are the 4 most narcissistic zodiac signs.


A Sagittarius needs to feel free and unbound to any obligations. This sign can often make rash decisions which can come across as they are only making decisions based on their own needs and self-interest, this often turns into narcissistic traits. A Sagittarius will also always look for a way to stay in the spotlight.


Capricorns will do whatever it takes to be on top and succeed, even if that means throwing others under the bus. Capricorns can often be arrogant and feel entitled to certain positions of power, without actually working for them. They also expect their colleagues, employees or even family members to serve them.

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Leos often feature on lists about being selfish and such and this one is no exception. Leos love drama, intensity and flair. If a Leo feels out of place, they need attention and develop an inflated sense of self. They often use their charm to draw people into their narcissistic dynamic. They constantly need attention, time and admiration.


The last sign on this list is Aries. They focus solely on their survival and will do anything to thrive. Aries will use narcissism as a coping mechanism and without it, they wouldn’t be healthy. This sign has an evolutionary need of being independent and if they rely on anyone, that person is holding them back.

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