Zodiac signs and the body parts they rule: This is what it says about them

Like every zodiac sign has a ruling planet, they also have a ruling body part. Here’s the part of the body that your zodiac sign rules.

A lot of emotions and emotional aspects of our lives depend on astrology; however, it doesn’t end there. The part that astrology plays is more prominent than just intangible aspects and also includes physical aspects and features. YourTango and Elite Daily have analysed the body parts that each zodiac sign rules and here are they:


Teeth, bones, knees and skin: Capricorn are the rulers of organisation and practicality to hold anything together.


Ankles, shins and calves: Aquarius rules over the lower half of the leg and the circulatory system to ensure everything is working together.


Feet and toes: Pisces rules the feet and the lymphatic system. This zodiac sign is incredibly porous and can absorb energy and substances like a sponge.

Pisces unsplash


Face, head and brain: Aries are the baby of zodiac signs and as such, the most sensitive parts of the body come under their jurisdiction.


Throat, larynx and ears: Not surprising to know once you realise exceptional singers like Adele and Kelly Clarkson are Taurus as they rule the throat, larynx, ears and vocal cords.


Arms, lungs, hands and nervous system: Geminis are complex and so are the body parts they rule – it’s a complete mix of everything here and there.


Chest, breast, and stomach: Cancers are the most caring and nurturing of all the zodiac signs, so it’s no surprise they are the rulers of most feminine parts of the body.


Heart, back and spinal cord: It comes as no surprise that the powerful Leo oversees the physiological systems associated with emotion and strength. The centre of both physical and emotional life is the heart.

Leo unsplash


Digestive system and intestine: Virgo is ruled by health and sustenance and hence they govern the part of the body that is most sensitive to toxic food.


Kidneys and lumbar region: Even though it may look a little disorganised, all of these body components are crucial to Libra's drive for balance.


Reproductive system and sexual organs: Surprise surprise! The most sexual beings of the zodiac rule the parts connected to sex and pleasure.


Hips, thighs and liver: The Sagittarius's ruling body parts are the ideal representation of their impulsive and flittery character.

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