Watch Out, These 6 Star Signs Are Heading For A Break Up This Year

Watch Out, These 6 Star Signs Are Heading For A Break Up This Year

There are ups and downs in every relationship, but some arguments are more important that others and could lead you to the point of no return. Is your relationship threatened? Could you experience a break up in 2019? Find out below.

1. Aries:

Your dark, reckless and impulsive side is exhausting for your other half… To keep your relationship balanced and in check, learn to channel your energy.

2. Taurus:

In the eyes of your loved one, you’re probably not very responsive which can get tiring for them after a while. By staying in your comfort zone like this, you could end up finding yourself alone.

3. Cancer:

Although you’re affectionate, we don’t actually know a lot about you. People around you find your quirks and immaturity difficult to put with and although your family didn’t choose you, your partner did. However, he/she could end up losing their patience and change their mind about you…

4. Leo:

Although you’re definitely generous and loyal, your bossy side and huge pride can crush even the most faded personalities… But be careful, your little flaws could end up costing you your relationship.

5. Libra:

You do everything in your power so that you can live in harmony, but this isn’t enough to make everyone else forget how important your appearance is to you…

6. Capricorn:

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You tend to focus on your own interests and neglect your relationship. Make an effort and be persistent so you can save your relationship before it’s too late.

Check out the video above to find out more about what 2019 has in store for your relationship! 

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