These 6 Star Signs Are Due To Break Up Before The End Of The Year

These 6 Star Signs Are Due To Break Up Before The End Of The Year

It's December, so 2019 is coming to a close. Is there a chance that your relationship may not see New Year's Day 2020? Depending on your star sign, the next few weeks may be rough on you.

1. Aries:

Your dark, reckless and impulsive side is exhausting for your other half… To keep your relationship balanced and in check, learn to channel your energy.

2. Taurus:

In the eyes of your loved one, you’re probably not very responsive which can get tiring for them after a while. By staying in your comfort zone like this, you could end up finding yourself alone.

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3. Cancer:

Although you’re affectionate, we don’t actually know a lot about you. People around you find your quirks and immaturity difficult to put with and although your family didn’t choose you, your partner did. However, he/she could end up losing their patience and change their mind about you…

Think you're safe? Check out the video above to find out the 3 remaining zodiac signs that should be concerned!

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