This is your ideal vacation, based on your zodiac sign

Your next trip may be written in the stars and if not, you can get inspiration from them at least. Here’s what your ideal vacation looks like for your zodiac sign.

This is your ideal vacation, based on your zodiac sign
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This is your ideal vacation, based on your zodiac sign

Are you confused about where to travel next? Or rather what to do on your next vacation? Let go of your worries then! Astrology has come to your rescue yet again to guide you to your perfect and wholesome travel experience. Here’s your ideal vacation based on your zodiac sign:


Capricorns value discipline, learning and education. As such their vacations need to be enriching and help them grow. A place with rich cultural history, museums or a business trip is ideal for them. Or simply a self-reflection trip.


Spontaneity and freedom describe Aquarius perfectly. They like to explore new places, meet new people and make friends. Any exotic destination that offers them an experience of their life is fit for them.


Pisces is dreamy. Any tropical location that lets them be near a water body will be perfect for these water babies. Relaxing weekends by the beach or extreme water sports are both right up their alley.

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The adventurer of astrology. Their ideal vacation is an adrenaline-packed adventure journey. Aries get high on the excitement of activity and enjoy being fierce and independent.


Taurus is hedonistic by nature. They love to go the extra mile and indulge in the luxuries of life. Their perfect vacation is in a destination that is lavish and also brings them closer to nature.


Gemini is one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. Their ideal trip caters to mind, body and spirit. A curious vacation that stimulates their mind is perfect for them. A guided city tour is amongst their favourites.

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Cancers are big-time homebodies. They like the idea of vacation but not staying away from home. Their best fit vacation is one that is within their comfort zone and homely involving close friends and family.


Leo loves to travel in style. A glamorous vacation spot, full of luxury and comfort is the most suitable option for them. They are highly social and like to be where the action is.


A Virgo is always overthinking and working. Much like Capricorns, they want their vacations to add value to their life. A vacation with engaging activities and learning is ideal for these overachievers.

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This social butterfly values art and culture but in moderation. They need a fun-filled trip with a bit of everything because variety is the spice of life and this artsy sign thrives on it.


Scorpios feel and experience things deeply. Their idea of the perfect vacation is something that energises them and lets them disconnect from the world for a while. Preferably around water bodies!


This zodiac sign has a natural craving for freedom and adventure. They want to travel to places that allow them to explore and offer something new to try. Spontaneity drives them the most on vacations.

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