This Is Which Princess You Are According To Your Astrological Sign

Find out which princess you are according to your astrological sign!

Have you always dreamed of being a princess? Maybe not, but if you are reading this article you want to know what could have happened had you been born a princess. And if you've never wanted to be a princess you have 2 options: stop reading this article because you clicked on it by mistake and you don't usually read these kinds of articles, or keep reading and telling yourself that after all, it could have been cool to be a princess.

Aries - Princess Diana

A real go-getter. A bit much, actually...

Taurus - Europa

Europa, the beautiful princess who succumbed to Zeus' advances when he was disguised as a bull. Yeah, it's a little weird, but that's the story.

Gemini - Megara

Always torn between good and evil, she managed to wound the strongest man in Greek mythology: Hercules.

Cancer - The Little Mermaid

She's classy and she has a friend who is a crab.

Leo - Shrimala

A beautiful Buddhist princess who can roar.

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Which Disney Princess Are You According To Your Star Sign? Which Disney Princess Are You According To Your Star Sign?