Here's What You Should Do This Weekend Based On Your Star Sign

Here's What You Should Do This Weekend Based On Your Star Sign

It's almost weekend and you still haven't decided how to spend it. So, will you be partying all night or spending the evening cuddled up, watching Netflix? Here's what you should do this weekend according to your star sign!

Take it easy (or not)

For Aries, the weekend may be short, but it has to be active! They're all over the place: at the beach, shopping, or partying with friends. Our Taurus friends are more of the "Home sweet home" type, and would rather spend the weekend reading quietly!

Gemini likes to keep things unpredictable! They'll randomly pick a destination and be on their way! For our Cancer friends, weekends are a time to rest and relax. The perfect place for them to spend weekend is at the spa! They should probably avoid going out with Leos, who are always looking for the hottest party in town. And we can guarantee you they'll be there!

Virgos will want to spend the weekend with their parents or grandparents, enjoying quality time with family. As for Libras, they need some TLC. All they need is dim lights and their significant other's company to be happy!

Keep things moving (or don't)

Laziness is Scorpio's worst enemy - they have a low tolerance for boredom. Their weekend needs to be active, and they need to keep themselves busy! Sagittarians will want to spend the weekend working on new things and learning more!

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As for Capricorns, cultural activities are a must! Movies, plays or musicals, their weekend needs to be cultural! Aquarians, who are calmer, need to be alone at times. So, they'll likely skip the socializing and long meals. They'd rather spend the weekend alone, preferably on road trip! Our Pisces friends will be in their element anywhere there's water. A weekend at the pool and a quick stop at the sauna to relax will leave them refreshed and ready for work on Monday!

Voila! You now have an overview of how you should spend your weekend! So, what are you waiting for?

Nancy Youm
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