Here Are The Cruelest Star Signs

Did you think that scorpios were the ‘cruelest' signs on the zodiac? Well it turns out they’re not the only ones.

Bad temper, angry and resentful… Keep reading to find out which signs on the zodiac are the meanest and which are the nicest!


Scorpios are fearsome but also know how to inflict their wrath in a more delicate way. After all, you can’t cut corners if you want to get what you want! They’re always ready for anything and are surely the most fearsome of the star signs. But be careful, scorpios know exactly the words that'll cut you the deepest.


A pisces hides their game well… They might seem harmless, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Behind the facade is often a very bad temper. When they feel threatened, they aren’t afraid to get their claws out and attack the first person they see!


When Geminis aren’t happy, they can be rather brutal and they aren’t afraid to hit back with some less than nice words! Geminis are also known to be the kings and queens of manipulation and can be quite two-faced. Those who don’t like emotional roller coasters would do well to stay away from the whirlwind that is a Gemini!


Sagittariuses don’t particularly like conflict and can get quite angry. When this happens, they say exactly what is on their mind and don't mince words… They tend to suffer from ‘no-filter word vomit’ when pushed to their limits.


It takes a lot to get to the end of an Aries’ rope! But when they’re upset, you best stay out of their way! They get straight to the point without beating around the bush and this can really badly hurt whoever they are with!

For more details about your star sign, check out the video above!

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