Astrology: How to dress for a first date according to your zodiac sign

In love and war, looking impressive is essential! How you look matters, so here's the outfit you need for a first date according to your date's sign.

The first date is perhaps the most important part of a budding relationship. It can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or it can end whatever the two of you had going before it even began. So be sure to show off.!


Now, this is a seductive sign. He will surely be receptive to a sexy look. You can bet on well-fitting lingerie or leather garments.


Punctuality above all. Get yourself a nice watch that will brighten an otherwise sober outfit. This distinctive little sign will show that you are on the same wavelength.


Libra is a sign that invites elegance, so be stylish and classy. You won't risk a fashion faux pas.


Your chest is the part of your body that you need to show off. But don't overdo it either. Know how to remain elegant, don't seem too blunt about it. Don't forget that it's only a first date, and he's going to have to pursue you a bit.


This sign is of a passionate nature. So, what better colour to wear on a first date than the colour of passion and fiery emotions? Wear the red, as it should seduce him right off the bat.

Gemini :

Gemini expect spontaneity and levity in the people that surround them. A young and trendy outfit should do the trick. He must feel immediately at ease, or he might leave with a bias against you.


This is a sign that likes originality. Choose an outfit that will play up your look and your personality. He must feel that you are different from others at first sight.

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This Is How To Dress To Impress On A First Date According To HIS Star Sign This Is How To Dress To Impress On A First Date According To HIS Star Sign