According to the FBI, these are the most dangerous star signs

6 zodiac signs are particularly inclined to be particularly dangerous. But which are they? And is your sign one of them? Find out in this video!

Be careful about who you spend your time with… some of them might be hiding their true nature! You can definitely trust Libras—the sign of balance, they won’t let any murderous compulsions get the best of them. But it might be a different story for a few of the fire signs, which tend to explode in anger…and water signs are even worse! They’re the zodiac’s most unstable bunch and may hide some frightening surprises.

Some signs likelier to commit crime than others

Psychopaths, serials killers, and other bloodthirsty types… just the thought of them can send shivers down the spine! Crime shows like Criminal Minds or The Experts don’t bring much comfort. But sometimes fiction isn’t too far from reality…and there are some types of people that are more likely to fall into criminality.

If you fall into this category, be sure to know your limits. Even a little bit of anger, and yourself-control can go out the window. On the other hand, some signs exhibit a strong love of justice. You can count on them to work in favour of the greater good.

So, are you a potential danger in the eyes of the FBI? Are you one of the signs that leans towards justice? Find out in the video above!

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