5 Signs That You’re A Sagittarius

Born between November 22nd and December 21st, the Sagittarius signis known for their adventurous spirit, unrivelled optimism and are generally party-animals…but is it true? What’s myth and what’s reality? Are you a Sagittarius, or do you have Sagittarius family or friends? Watch the video to discover the five main characteristics of this Fire sign.

Maybe you’re a Sagittarius, or maybe there are a few among your loved ones. Being a Sagittarius means that the Sun was gravitating toward the constellation Sagittarius at the moment of your birth, attributing certain qualities to your personality and revealing ‘truest self.’

Each sign has a ‘master’ planet, and Sagittarius is directly influenced by Jupiter, symbolising luck and success. According to astrologists, people’s natal charts provide windows to the souls and understanding of our inner personalities. This study involves analysing the positions of all the planets and their interplanetary interactions at the time of a person’s birth and therefore demands a lot of time and energy.

Now, check out our video to discover 5 clear signs that you’re a Sagittarius—then share it with your friends and colleagues to find out who else may also fall under this (occasionally a little smug) sign!

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