5 Signs That You Are A Cancer

Born between June 21st and July 22nd, Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac. Is this your sign? Are you really a Cancer, a real one? Take the test and discover 5 clear signs that you are a Cancer!

The astrological sign of Cancer is governed by the Moon, a symbol of femininity, romance and fertility. Usually, this sign is very appreciated, one wants to take care of it, spoil it and protect it from external aggression. That's good because Cancer loves that!

At the time of your birth, the sun passed through the constellation of Cancer, which gave you your astral sign and the characteristics associated with it. Of course, other astrological elements have their importance in the construction of your personality, like the ascendant or the lunar sign, but know that your astral sign still has a strong influence on who you are deep down...

T his water sign has a whimsical side that often annoys people, it must be said that itsmood changes at a disconcerting speed... It can be great in the morning morning and hateful in the afternoon, not easy for those around them to follow!

Discover 5 clear signs that you are a Cancer in the video! You will most likely recognize yourself or recognize some people around you.

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