Famous trophy hunter who showed off his prey has been shot dead in South Africa

The body of Riaan Naude, 55, was found not far from his car, near a nature reserve. The man was killed ‘in cold blood’ according to local authorities.

One of his favourite hobbies was hunting endangered animals like lions, giraffes, and elephants. Riaan Naude, 55, considered South Africa his playground for several years however, his game seems to have come to an end. The New York Post revealed on July 4, 2022, that his dead body was found near the Kruger National Park nature reserve.

Killed at close range

According to the sources relayed by the local media called Maroela Media, Riaan Naude was lying near his vehicle, with two hunting rifles in it. The non-profit organization Heritage Protection Group says the hunter stopped near the small town of Mokopane because his car was overheating.

There, two men reportedly got out of a white pick-up and one of them shot him ‘in cold blood and at close range’, says The Mirror. The two men then snatched one of the weapons of Riaan Naude, before fleeing at full speed in the car. The scene was witnessed by a cattle farmer nearby. To date, the reasons behind this malicious attack are still unknown.

1,500 dollars for a giraffe

The hunter regularly shared images of himself with animalshe had killed during his hunting sessions. He was the director of Pro Hunt Africa, a company that advertises itself as ‘an ecological hunting and safari team’.

Moreover, he charged 350 dollars per day for hunting, 2,500 dollars for a crocodile and 1,500 dollars for a giraffe.

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