Needle spiking: British teens wake up with bruises in intimate areas after their night out

Teens who had been spiked with needles awoke bruised and with injuries to their intimate places.

18-year-old Elle Vickers and 19-year-old Ellen Baldwin have no recollection of their night out in Hanley, Stoke. However, they claim to have noticed puncture wounds on their skin when they woke up. After being spiked with needles on a night out, these girls recall waking up in a cold sweat and fighting to breathe. Elle and Ellen believe that they were injected with unknown substances at the Fiction nightclub in Hanley, Stoke.

Missing February 12

The spiking incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday after the girls arrived at Fiction at 1.30 a.m. on February 12. The incident is currently being investigated by Staffordshire Police. Elle confirms not recalling anything from the night and said:

I woke up to find myself covered in bruises and scratches down the inside of my thighs and feeling the worst I have ever felt.
At the point, I made the call [to 111] I was in a cold sweat, could not hold my own head up, my throat was closed making it hard to breathe and my legs and inside my mouth are covered in cuts and bruises.

Meanwhile, Ellen was transported to the Royal Stoke University Hospital due to concerns for her safety. She was released in less than half an hour, but the two girls went to the hospital twice more later that day for guidance. Ellen added:

I do not remember leaving Fiction or any of the events that night. When we got to A&E I couldn’t even hold myself. They put me in a wheelchair and covered me in a blanket. I wasn’t able to hold my head up and I was barely communicating.
Within half an hour of being there, I was discharged and told to come back sober. I believe they didn’t check me over or my body. It wasn’t until the next afternoon I found the puncture wound from the needle in my upper thigh.

The two girls were advised to see their GPs for blood tests instead of help from A&E. After several requests, they were sent to a walk-in health facility.

No happy helpers

In the hours and days following their dreadful night out, the girls claim they were passed around by the NHS. According to the girls, they called a bunch of people, including 111 and their GPs but no one helped them. Ellen confirmed:

Me and Elle understand that the NHS is under a lot of strain and we know that we are not going to be able to know what was injected in our bodies that night because it is now too late.
All me and Elle want is someone to look us over and check we are okay.

On the other hand, Fiction has taken all accusations of possible drink spiking extremely seriously and customers may get anti-spiking devices from them from now on.

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