Star Hobson murder trial: Horrific CCTV footage reveals how Star was abused

In the latest hearing of the Star Hobson murder trial, the jury was presented with scarring CCTV footage that revealed how the baby was repeatedly abused.

Star Hobson Trial Day 13
Star Hobson Trial Day 13

Mother, Smith, 20 and her partner, Brockhill, 28, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, have been charged with causing or allowing the death and murder of daughter Star Hobson, 16 months.

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This is the narration of Day 13 of the Star Hobson murder trial, at the Bradford Town Court. The trial focused on crucial CCTV footage that revealed the injuries caused on Star as evidence.

CCTV Footage

On July 20 2020, DC Johnson gave the court a CCTV tape that shows Brockhill removing Star from the flat. Star had no injuries, according to him.

Court was then given a photo from that evening, in which Star's face had considerable bruises.

A rather disturbed jury was further shown a video, where Brockhill didn't let Smith help Star come down the stairs. The little baby clung on to the railings and tried to walk down, only to stumble down and severely injure her head.

Johnson said that the footage revealed Brockhill 'blocking Smith from helping Star' by putting her arm across her.

Most harrowing clip

He subsequently spoke about the harrowing night of September 13 at the Eco-Power Environmental facility at Bankwood Lane, New Rossington, near Doncaster.

In the footage he presented, Brockhill is seen smacking Star nine times, punching her seven times, and grabbing her twice. In one clip, Star had visible scars and injuries all across her face after Brockhill made her fall out of a car.

While the clips were shown in court, Smith was unable to watch in the dock as she was sobbing throughout.

Johnson also added that from September 14—when Brockhill dropped Star off after a night at the recycling center—and September 22, the day Star died, she did not visit Smith's flat.

The trial continues.

Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star