Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star

Star Hobson murder trial continues to call witnesses in court to give their accounts. Smith's friend gave her verdict regarding baby Star's custodianship.

Star Hobson Trial Day 12
Star Hobson Trial Day 12

Last Thursday, marked the 12th day of the Star Hobson murder trial. In today’s court session, witnesses were called to give their account of baby Star’s custodianship.

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Star's mother, Smith, 20 and her partner, Brockhill, 28 are charged with causing or allowing her death and murder.

During the trial, harrowing videos of Star being yelled at to face the wall and stand were shown as evidence. Another clip showed the baby upset after Smith rattled her. The most grave offence was Brockhill ‘chokeslamming' the tiny toddler—she held Star by the neck and picked her off her feet, throwing her on the bed.

Brockhill knew CPR

While Smith took her place in the dock, Brockhill attended the session through video conferencing because of an alleged COVID outbreak in her residence.

The first to be called to the witness box was Brockhill's mentor in job training security and first aid, Mr Haylor. He confirmed that in the training, CPR was in fact 'the main aspect of the course', but when he was questioned on whether or not Brockhill knew CPR, he said:

I can't personally remember her doing it, but she passed it.

Although Mr Haylor claims that she did pass the course, Brockhill has been accused of incorrectly performing CPR on Star, which is why she then vomited 'large amounts of brown material,' when the paramedics did the second round of CPR on her.

Smith’s alliance

Rebecca Lee-Gorman, Smith’s best friend, was called next by the jury, and she narrated some strange instances.

Gorman stated concern for her friend and said:

When I'd go see Smith and she was on the phone I'd have to be quiet or leave the room so Brockhill knew I wasn't there.

Gorman further adds:

Smith came up to my house and she had bruises on the back of her body. On her right side, her back, bruises that looked fresh. Some were big, some were small.

Along with the mother, Smith, baby Star had several bruises too. Gorman said there were:

Two bruises on Star, one on her ear and one on her jawline. The one on her ear was blue and purple, the one on her jaw was browny-yellow, it looked a few days old.

Despite the above harrowing instances, when asked by the jury if there were concerns relating to Star’s wellbeing by her parents, Gorman said, ‘never.’

Previously, Star’s grandma and Smith’s mother, Yvonne Spendley had labelled the couple’s relationship, as ‘toxic.’

The prosecution case is scheduled to be wrapped up by the middle of next week, with only a few witnesses yet to be called. The defence will present its case soon after.

Star Hobson murder trial: Horrific CCTV footage reveals how Star was abused Star Hobson murder trial: Horrific CCTV footage reveals how Star was abused