Dog who spent his entire life in a shelter gets rejected on his adoption day

Cody was all set to be picked up by his new family but the day never came. The almost 2-year-old dog has been living in a shelter since he was a newborn.

Everyone deserves a happy ending, but unfortunately for this pup, it was not in his fate that day. Cody has been a resident at Martlesham Animal Centre for the last nine months, in addition to this he was previously cared by RSPCA in another location. The black terrier is 15-months old and has spent all his life in a shelter home.

Cody’s failed adoption

Finally, Cody caught the eye of a couple who, at first, seemed really enthusiastic about bringing him home. The shelter staff was thrilled to hear that their oldest inhabitant will finally have a happy family.

Things seemed to be progressing well. Cody’s adopters visited regularly and even spent time with him and familiarise their presence. However, this plan came to a sad ending. The adopters backed out on the adoption day, leaving the staff devastated and poor Cody without a family.

Cody still awaits a family

Although the adoption didn't go through, Cody has not lost hope, he still awaits a family that will love and accept him the way he is. Although well behaved, Cody takes time adjusting to new surroundings.

Sarah Welham the kennel supervisor at the RSPCA Suffolk Central branch explains:

Cody is such a fabulous little dog and he’ll thrive in the right home. He finds strangers frightening but once he gets to know you his true soppy side comes out. He’s super affectionate and really playful. He absolutely loves his toys and will often greet you with one in his mouth, while his whole body wags with excitement. He’s incredibly intelligent and picks up new things very quickly so he’d love to continue with fun training in his new home.

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