10 Wise Animals That Are Said To Be Able To Predict Death

There are many superstitions, myths, and cultural beliefs about death and whether an animal can predict if death is upon you, a family member, or someone you know. Whether you believe the old wives' tales or not, it's still interesting to find out which animals have that sixth sense. Take a look at our photo gallery today and tell us what you think about these superstitions.

Many animals are especially sensitive to death and change behaviours when death is in the near future. In Mexico, there is a popular saying that states 'when the Tecolote (owl) sings, the Indian dies'. According to the beliefs, hearing the croak of an owl is a bad omen.

Our very own pets like cats and dogs could also predict when a person is going to die thanks to their highly developed senses. Dogs have an olfactory capacity that allows them to detect chemical changes in the human body for possible disease or even death.

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The same goes for cats - there was a famous case of Oscar, a therapy cat who lived in a nursing home in Rhode Island, United States. The nursing home housed patients that had Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or other terminal diseases.

Apparently, Oscar was able to predict 25 deaths. If the cat slept in the same bed as the person then the person would soon pass away. Cats have a strong sense for chemicals or odours that are released in the human body when they are dying.

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