Here's how you can have sneaky sex at your parent's house over the holidays

With most of us expecting to spend time with family over the holidays, keeping up the sex life can be difficult, but here's how to do so without getting caught!

Here's how you can have sex at your parent's house over the holidays
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Here's how you can have sex at your parent's house over the holidays

Sure, visiting the family for the holidays is always very nice. It’sa positive thing to connect with your loved ones and enjoy some holiday time. If you’re visiting your partner’s family for the holidays, all we can say is good luck!

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However, we all know that the joy of seeing family can be overshadowed by the stress of the holidays. What’s even worse is then you can’t even enjoy your partner because everyone is under the same roof!

For those of us who want to shake past the feelings of reverting back to a sneaky horny teenager under your parents’ (or worse-someone else’s parents’) roof, we've got you covered. There are still ways to have a good holiday shag without anyone else in the house knowing!

Throw it on the ground

One of the biggest noisemakers is the bed frame rocking away. To make sure that no one catches you making the bed shake, take it off the bed! Laying some pillows, cushions, blankets and even the whole mattress on the floor can make it all but silent when you do your thing.

Silently Sexy

Is the idea of not making any noise making you anxious to get into the act? See it as a sexy challenge to try and have some sessions where you are as quiet as possible. Holding back your screams and moans can be even more tense and sexy than you think!

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Get Loud

On the contrary, you can also have things like loud music or a TV program playing at a high volume to drown out your sexy sounds. Maybe you also suggest to everyone upstairs to have a movie night, then slip away with your partner whilst everyone is preoccupied with Die Hard.

Get away

This might be a cheat, but hey, it’ll still help you get some much needed coital connection this holiday. Being at the parents' house means that you can revert in many ways, so why not take advantage of that!

You used to live with your parents and had to be crafty about where you’d take lovers, and potentially had all sorts of spots to get spicy in the car. Throw it back to those days and take a little drive to the old abandoned car park, field, or wherever else you used to take dates. Don’t worry, it’ll be a cheeky peek into your past that your partner will appreciate! Just clean up whoever’s car you use, though..!

Those are just some of the ways that you can get freaky during the festive visits. Of course, the easiest option to avoid any and all potentially awkward situations is to just not do it. But, what’s the fun in that?

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