Here are 5 types of cheaters you should know about

Have you ever noticed that some people have the same style of cheating on people be it in relationships or otherwise? It may be because they fall under a particular category.

5 types of cheaters
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5 types of cheaters

Once a cheater, always a cheater might actually be true. While cheaters may not plan extensively on how to cheat on people, they still may have a style or type. Dr Douglas Weiss spoke to and decoded 5 such types of cheaters and what it actually means.

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The hunter

This type of cheater aggressively seeks out people to engage with. They're hunting for the weak, needy, or another sex addict for a quick hit. This kind isn't looking for love, but rather to have their basic necessities met. They are flirty and use cheesy pick-up lines to get women. They're actually looking for injured sparrows, not eagles. They are usually intelligent, successful, smooth-talking people who exude sexual or narcissistic energy. It's all about them and what they require.

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The hero/nice guy

The nice guy, as the word suggests, would be a nice guy to you. This kind of cheater is ready to flatter the person with whom they are flirting. They look to be a pleasant person who listens to difficulties and is considerate in their approach to resolving them. They'll also be quite helpful, and they'll try to take advantage of the situation when it's most vulnerable.

The hurt/wounded

These people take sympathy sex to another level. This type of cheater will always depict themselves as poor, broken-hearted individual who requires others ' compassion and love. They will talk about their problems, which will inevitably draw people to them in search of sympathy. Instead of looking for a victim, they play the role of the victim. They want their victim to feel like they are helping them in some way or the other.

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The opportunist

These kinds of cheaters will take advantage of any opportunity to have a good time. They don't waste opportunities and give off the impression that they're looking for someone with whom they can have a no-strings-attached relationship. They don't necessarily have a type that they go after. Their victims come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. These folks can't even understand what they're saying to themselves. Unless you point out the opportunist theme, they will miss it.

The Professional

This type of cheater is married and has children. They have no regrets and are very good at concealing their affairs. This guy is frequently a sexual or intimacy anorexic. He isn't looking for love, and he doesn't care about what the other person wants, needs, or thinks of him. He just wants to be sexually looked after and pays for it as well. He believes he is compensating them for the secrecy of their sexual acts.

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