The best kissers are these 3 zodiac signs

Zodiac signs influence our lives in many ways and apparently kissing is just another ... Explore the fascinating connection between zodiac signs and kissing styles. Are you part of the top 3?

The best kissers are these 3 zodiac signs
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The best kissers are these 3 zodiac signs

Kissing is an intimate, romantic, and passionate act that brings two (or more) people together in an unimaginable way. The way one kisses can say a lot about their personality and it can be a make or break factor when choosing a potential partner as well. For those of you who are looking for a mate who is beyond incredible when it comes to kissing, you should definitely look for people with these 3zodiac signs.

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The best: Gemini

Geminis may just be the best kissers of all the zodiac signs. They know exactly how to adapt to the energy of their partner and can transmit very real emotions just with this one act. According to astrologer Lauren Ash, Geminis are also the best at ‘spontaneous make-out sessions.’ She says onBestLife:

These cheeky air signs might play hard to get at first but if you can keep up with their razor-sharp wit, you'll be rewarded with a dizzying, laughter-filled smooch session that will last until the sun comes up.
3 Zodiac signs that are the best kissers Renate Vanaga

The selective: Aries

Given that Aries is a fire sign, you can expect smooches with them to be loving, passionate, and long-lasting. Your Tango, a media focused on love and wellbeing, says that when you are being kissed by an Aries, you should know that the kiss is coming from deep within their heart and soul. So it looks like an Aries won’t just kiss anyone…

The sensual: Taurus

According to Astrotalk, people with this zodiac sign are some of the most sensual people on the planet. Although they are naturally discreet, their kisses are gentle, tender, and compassionate. The astrology magazine says:

Their kisses are as much about romance as it is about passion. No wonder they are known for their passionate nature and loyalty, two attributes that are highly sought after in a mate.

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