This is the most attractive jaw shape, according to one study

Are some jaw shapes more attractive than others? A researcher asked a panel of people to find out. Here are the results.

most attractive jaw shape study beauty
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most attractive jaw shape study beauty

Disclaimer: All jaws are unique and what makes you beautiful cannot be defined mathematically!

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Is beauty really so subjective after all? If we list the people considered to be the most attractive in the world (actors, supermodels, etc.), we notice that they share many common physical traits. Height, hair type, eye shape, build... These beauty canons change with the times, but they suggest that, objectively speaking, there are some features that are more commonly appreciated than others. One of these famous traits is the shape of the jaw.

GigaChad and the alleged beauty of the jawline

If you're an Internet enthusiast, then you're probably familiar with GigaChad: the (humorous) meme that's supposed to represent the ultimate form of masculinity. With muscles that would not be denied by Goku SSJ3, this man of perfect plasticity (according to the Incel community) also has... an angular jaw.

Yes, a person's beauty can also be judged by the shape of their jaw. It's even possible to buy products designed to strengthen the jawline... even if their effectiveness remains to be proven.

In short, by today's standards, a well-shaped jaw allegedly makes for a more handsome face. For men, a well-shaped jaw is seen as a sign of masculinity. So much so, that to conform to this beauty canon, some resort to cosmetic surgery. According to the Daily Mail, 'Jaw implant surgery has risen by 70% in 2021'.

But what does the perfect jaw look like? To find out, a researcher presented photos of jaws to participants. They were asked to rate the jaws according to their 'attractiveness', and one type of jaw stood out from the rest.

The V-shaped jaw is apparently most appreciated

According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, the V-shaped jaw is the most popular. If you want to get into the technical details, the 'ultimate jaw' is described as follows:

130° in profile, intergonial width similar to facial width, vertical position in frontal view at the level of the buccal commissure or at least not below the lower lip, slope of the jaw in frontal view almost parallel to (with a maximum deviation of 15° downwards from) a line extending from the lateral canthus to the alare, slope of the ascending ramus 65° to 75° from the Frankfort horizontal, and curvature in oblique view visible from the earlobe to the chin and not pointed.

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The perfect penis is shaped like this, according to one study The perfect penis is shaped like this, according to one study