According To Experts, Obesity Is Contagious

The statistics surrounding people who are overweight and those suffering from obesity are devastating in the UK as well as in other developed countries. We all know that not doing enough exercise and having an unhealthy diet can be detrimental for our health and staying in shape, but now, experts are claiming that this problem is contagious.

According To Experts, Obesity Is Contagious
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According To Experts, Obesity Is Contagious

In the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 4 adults are classed as obese, as well as a further 62% being considered overweight and this ‘condition’ has seen an incredible rise in numbers over the past decades in all first world countries.

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This increase is fundamentally due to the dietary habits that we have acquired, most of which come from the United States, and the absence of physical exercise in our daily lives.

In fact, when it comes to the type of food that we make, we have to take into account the latest survey conducted on lifestyle habits and weight self-perception carried out. This survey reveals that 77% of the population eat something outside the house, and so hasn’t been prepared at home, on a daily basis and this poses a risk to their health.

The survey also shows that eating breakfast outside the house increases the risk of obesity by 17.8% and not eating vegetables or salad on a daily basis increases this risk by 43%.

As well as having our attention drawn to this data, we have also recently learned that obesity could in fact be contagious. In light of this, and as was reported in the Spanish media, the secretary of the Spanish Obesity Society, doctor Susana Monereo, released a statement on the issue.

‘Obesity is contagious and when we are surrounded by people who are obese, we end up sharing their unhealthy habits,’ indicated the expert.
‘There is also a low self-perception of obesity because more than half of the population who have this excess weight are convinced that they are in fact normal and, even 7.3% of them believe they are skinny,’ she added.
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