You'll Never Believe What This Man Is Hiding In His Dad Bod

You'll Never Believe What This Man Is Hiding In His Dad Bod

For some time now ‘dad bods’ have become extremely trendy, and a designer had a particularly ingenious idea to make this trend useful. Be careful, you will never guess what you can find inside a ‘dad bod’…

Thanks to London designer Albert Pukies, ‘dad bods’ are now available to everyone. The creator has developed an extremely realistic accessory that looks in all respects like a dangling belly, popularised by stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Vince Vaughn.

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For people who are desperate to get a ‘dad bod’ but are not able to, there is now the Dad Bag. This is a small bag that is placed around the waist like the infamous ‘bum bag.’ The trick is that the Dad Bag is the ideal place to store a beer can, which could help you get the ‘dad bod’ of your dreams.

For the moment, the Dad Bag has unfortunately not yet been marketed. Albert Pukies is looking for a brand that could sell his revolutionary product. The designer should not wait too long to sign a contract judging by how quickly his creation has gone viral.

Rob Mitchell
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