Dance Dance Revolution Changed This Gamer's Life By Helping Him Lose Weight

Losing weight while gaming is what made this young player morbidly obese. In the space of a few years, he has transformed!

There's no wrong way to lose weight. There is no miracle cure and only regular physical activity and healthy eating can give your body the means to regain its shape.

In 2012, when Christopher Barnett learned that because he weighed 150 kilos, his body would need a new heart by the time he turned 50, he was shocked. It was time to take charge. The only problem was this gamer was not really into gyms. The closest one being 30 minutes away from his house. He decided to find an alternative that would allow him to have fun while losing weight.

A solution he found quickly enough. He installed arcade terminals of a well-known game, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), in his old garage. With his dance mat, Christopher went through the gaming sessions while filming himself regularly and posting his videos on Youtube.

As a result, in the space of a few years, he hascompletely transformedand his DDR sessions quickly became legitimate cardio sessions! A loss of 57 kilos and counting, and several records on the game.

Currently, the gamer known as Xopher has not stopped his training and his machine still heats up his garage regularly!

Check out the video above to see his amazing transformation for yourself!

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