They Called Her "The Town Fattie" And Now She Is Unrecognisable

They Called Her "The Town Fattie" And Now She Is Unrecognisable

For years she consatntly bullied based on her physical appearance. Now, she has managed to accept herself as has learned to embrace it.

Natalí Jourdan's life has not been easy ride. When she was 9 years old, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that would cause her to end up taking too many corticosteroids. In addition, her leg veins were translucent and she weighed 70 kilos.

"I felt a lot of shame. My classmates looked at me, they made fun of me, they said to me: 'uh, look at the varicose veins you have', they touched my legs as if I were a strange bug," she told Infobae. And in her teenage years, it was even worse: "I always covered myself up, it was very sad for me. I saw everyone else wearing shorts and mesh and I couldn't."

And although Natalí's case isn't the typical physical transformation, like Donna Gillie's, the truth is that hers is just as exceptional, by inspiring others in the aim of self-acceptance and overcoming her psychological traumas. And it all began with her moving to Buenos Aires: "It was a relief, I began to feel like a small fish in a big sea... Little by little I began to be more relaxed, for the first time in my life I felt comfortable with my body" commented Jourdan.

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Today, Natalí Jourdan has a higher self-esteem and it shines on the outside, too. In addition, she has become a plus-size swimsuit and underwear model. Currently she is seeking to battle the issue of equal pay in the industry: "sometimes they offer us clothes or give us the photos instead of payment, as if they were doing us a favor," she confessed.

Source: Infobae

Image: Gabriela Gil Gómez (Infobae)

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