This new ITV show is like Love Island with a horror twist

Love Island meets murder mystery in new ITV2 dating show Killer Camp.

There’s not too long to wait until the new series of Love Island hits our screens. But if you’re already thinking about what you’ll watch once it’s over, we might have found the perfect show. Killer Camp is set to return to ITV2 and it’s been dubbed ‘Murder Love Island’ as contestants not only have to find love but also identify the ‘killer’ in their midst.

What is ITV2’s Killer Camp about?

Described as a ‘satirical horror whodunnit’, the new series of Killer Camp will see 13 contestants sent to a creepy 80s-style holiday camp. Each night, a “murderer” in the camp will kill off one of their fellow campmates - and it’ll be up to them to try and figure out who’s behind it before they become the next victim, with the winners earning a share of a cash prize.

An insider teased:

Obviously Killer Camp adds a twist which has echoes of cult Ryan Murphy show American Horror Story: 1984. And if they make it to the end of the contest they don’t just stand a chance of finding another half, there’s also the promise of scooping some cool, hard cash.

Hasn’t Killer Camp been on before?

If the show sounds familiar at all, that would be because there was a five-day pilot series back in October 2019. There was set to be a new series last year but like many other shows, filming had to be postponed due to coronavirus restrictions. Now, the show has been picked up by American network The CW.

Whilst the first series featured only British singletons, the upcoming second series is taking a leaf out of Too Hot To Handle’s book and featuring a mixture of Brits and Americans. Hosted by comedian Bobby Mair, the show is currently being filmed in an Estonian forest.

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