Montana Brown Has A New Boyfriend…

Six months on from her split from model Elliott Reeder, Montana Brown has revealed that she’s started seeing someone new. The former Love Islander spilled the beans on her blossoming new relationship whilst chatting to Joanna Chimonides on FUBAR Radio… and he sounds dreamy!

After failing to find love in the villa back in 2017, Montana Brown was happily coupled up with male model Elliott Reeder for two years until their split this January. Now, Montana has revealed that she has started seeing someone new – and they’ve been going on some cute socially-distanced dates.

Speaking on Thursday, Montana revealed:

This guy, we're going to go on a walk, and he was like, "I'm gonna come pick you up". He lives like quite far from me and where we're going is not near me either. He's like, "no I'm gonna pick you up. I'm gonna swing by, pick you up. Do you have any allergies? Because I'm gonna grab some food on the way for our walk". I was like, "would you like to marry me?!

Montana hasn’t revealed the identity of her new love interest, but she did say he’s someone not in the public eye – which is just what she’s been looking for as she’s been ‘craving normality’. She also described her dream man as ‘a doctor in Sheffield that no one knows, who lives with his grandma or something, got a farm maybe.’

During the interview, Montana also spoke up about the Black Lives Matter movement, saying:

Obviously it's absolutely awful what's been happening and I'm so glad that it's kind of created so much traction, but it's kind of keeping that pressure on is always something that's a struggle.

She continued:

Instagram, the media and the press, it's all very much in the moment… and people kind of forget. I think it's important that people actually learn about their friends who are of colour or are black and I think it's really important that people actually make an effort to try and understand the hardships and the prejudice that they go through.
Montana Brown Reveals She Has One Big Love Island Regret Montana Brown Reveals She Has One Big Love Island Regret