Amber Gill Reveals Shockingly Huge Offer She Received From Sugar Daddy

Love Island 2019 winnerAmber Gill has opened up about receiving a seriously big offer from a sugar daddy who slid into her DMs. Whilst chatting to fellow former Islander Kazimir Crossley for BBC Radio 1Xtra, Amber revealed why she opened the message - and how she responded.

It's no surprise that former Islander and absolute queen Amber Rose Gill has plenty of people sliding into her DMs. But one particular message caught Amber's attention when she was offered a whopping £60,000 to go and spend three days with a sugar daddy. She revealed all about the shocking message to Kaz Crossley on Radio 1Xtra.

Amber said:

I actually accepted the message. ‘Not because I was gonna accept the offer, but because I couldn’t see what it was. You know, when somebody sends something, you can’t see what it is, because you need to accept the message in order to see what it is. And I was so intrigued by what was being said.

The 23-year-old beauty was gobsmacked to discover that the 'sugar daddy' was offering so much money to spend three days with her - but hastened to add that she did not reply. However, the superfan wasn't deterred and has since apparently kept 'upping the offer' - although Amber is now not opening the messages anymore.

Meanwhile Kaz, who was interviewing Amber, revealed that a sugar daddy had tried to get in touch through her manager to find out how much she would charge for 'five nights in Dubai'. Needless to say, neither Amber or Kaz - who split from fellow former Islander Theo Campbell earlier this year - accepted the respective offers.

After the interview some fans got the wrong end of the stick and thought Amber actually did have a sugar daddy! However, Amber put any rumours that she had accepted any offers from sugar daddies firmly to bed by writing on her Insta stories: 'I definitely do not I don't need one! I can be my own sugar daddy I get anything I want myself.' Iconic.

Ex-islander reveals a shocking truth about the recouplings on Love Island Ex-islander reveals a shocking truth about the recouplings on Love Island