How to Open Cans of Food Without Using a Can Opener

Do you have a can of food but no can opener to hand? Well, this handy little trick will allow you to open cans of food whatever they are, whenever you want and with no tools at all!

How to Open Cans of Food Without Using a Can Opener
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Although most tins and cans of food nowadays come with that little tongue that makes opening them easier, some still require you to use a can opener to get at the contents inside. But if you don’t have one to hand or you’re outside, for example, this little trick will be very useful and will allow you to open your can whenever you want, with minimal effort and without any tools at all.

The trick that will change your life

It’s good to know that this technique works with any type of tin or can and it is very simple indeed! All you have to do is rub the can against a very hard surface. Can’t picture it in your head? Check out the video above to see what you have to do, and hear advice from an expert. Ingenious, don’t you think?

Who among us has never had a problem like this? We bet this revolutionary technique will be useful for lots of people, but if you just can’t wrap your head around how to do it, then just get yourself a can opener instead! Go on, treat yourself!

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Check out the video above to see the trick in action!