Here’s how to remove grass stains from clothing
Here’s how to remove grass stains from clothing
Here’s how to remove grass stains from clothing
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Here’s how to remove grass stains from clothing

By James Guttridge

Not sure how to get grass stains out of your clothes? We'll show you a few handy tips. And then it’ll be up to you!

Let's face it, cleaning grass stains from a piece of clothing is no easy task. And sometimes, we end up having to just get rid of our favourite clothes because of a little fall on the grass. It's a shame, isn't it? Don't panic, there are some tricks, some of which are unusual, to save your clothes. We'll tell you what they are.

How to remove a stain from a garment?

Depending on the material, a grass stain is removed in different ways.


Using dishwashing liquid is recommended. As surprising as it may seem, this product eliminates this type of stain perfectly. You can also use 70° alcohol. To do this, dilute it with a little water, and rub the stain with a cloth soaked in the mixture.


If the stain is present on a plain t-shirt, we advise you to use an old technique which consists of rubbing a slice of raw potato on the stain. Yes, you read that right. Then let it rest, and put the shirt in the washing machine. You'll see that it'll work like magic! The potato perfectly absorbs any traces of grass.


If you have a grass stain on leather, or imitation leather garment, or even on suede shoes, we advise you to use a toothbrush and rub the stain. No liquid products should be used. Convenient, isn't it?

Delicate items

If you have delicate clothes that have been stained, such as velvet or linen, we advise you to use a little soapy water and a clean, slightly damp cloth. You will only need to rub lightly.

Non-delicate items

For cotton, synthetic or polyester materials, don't be afraid! You can use alcohol, white vinegar, or even lemon to remove stains. All you have to do is pour a little mixture on the area which needs to be cleaned.

Unusual tricks

To get rid of a grass stain, you don't only have to use liquid or household products. There are also more unusual tricks. For example, toothpaste is a very good stain remover. How to use it? Put a little product on the stain, rub with a toothbrush and let it do its work. Then you can wash the garment in the washing machine.

You can also use hexamidine, that product that disinfects, by placing a little product on the stain before washing the garment in the washing machine. Another unusual trick: you can also use milk! No, we’re not joking; milk can also absorb the grass stain, and therefore make cleaning easier. Isn't that amazing?

We’ll let you see in our video our tips to remove grass stains from items of clothing. We're sure you won't be disappointed.

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