This Is How Letting Your Man Do The Washing Up Could Save Your Relationship

A study says that letting men regularly take care of household tasks could help strengthen their relationships. And what if letting them clean up or do the washing up was the key to a happy and unified relationship?

Guys, do you groan and grumble whenever you need to do a bit of sweeping or get the vacuum out? Is doing the washing up torture for you? And yet, you should take a moment to think before letting your partner do all these household chores on her own…

According to an American study led by the Council of Contemporary Families, making women do every menial household chore on her own could damage the balance of your relationship in the long run.

As Dan Carlson, professor of sociology at the University of Utah and author of this study states, among heterosexual couples, arguments are said to occur more often when it was up to the woman to do the chores on her own, even if it was just the annoying task of doing the dishes.

Coming back to this point, the study also highlights that washing the dishes is often an issue that lots of couples tend to regularly come back to.

Nevertheless, things are looking to be improving from what they were a few decades ago. Between 1992 and 2006, researchers have observed that the percentage of men that take on different household tasks has almost doubled.

This is a good point and should be remembered by guys who certainly could do a bit more around the house in order to keep the peace in their relationship for as long as possible.

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