This young female influencer was actually a 50-year old man!

For several months, a fifty-year-old man pretended to be a young influencer with a community… until they discovered the deception!

Since 2019, a young influencer by the name of Souya runs the Twitter account @azusagakuyuki. This young woman seemed to be a Japanese citizen, passionate about motorcycles. Every day, she would post pictures of herself with big bikes, or selfies. The community then grew fast.

There was a man behind the influencer's pictures

If the young woman managed to seduce Internet users, it is also thanks to her advantageous physique and her delicate face. However, the person calling herself Souya online was not a beautiful young woman, but a man in his fifties!

The man is rumoured to actually be called Zonggu, and to be 50 years old as well as very good with touch-up applications. According to a Japanese TV station, which exposed the deception, the man, a motorcycle fan with long silky hair, was taking pictures of himself which he was editing with FaceApp to look like an attractive young woman.

Some very perceptive subscribers, had already been wondering about some niggling details. They had noticed that the influencer only showed her face and upper body. Sometimes there were even some visual inconsistencies, especially in the dentition.

Transforming into a woman to know what fame feels like

The fifty-year-old would have apparently changed his identity and appearance online in order to 'get a taste of fame.' Strangely enough, since he was revealed to be a man and not his Souya persona, he has actually gained followers on Twitter!

While this story may make you smile, you must not forget that it sometimes reflects the misadventures of many. Indeed, it often happens that malicious people change their appearance for dishonest purposes, like the well-known phenomenon of 'catfishing' on dating sites. This is why it is always recommended not to accept requests from online strangers, before making sure that you can trust them.

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