They met at 100 years old and tied the knot

This couple, both over the age of 100, have decided to marry. After a year of cohabitation, the two lovers sealed the deal with a ring. Amazing!

Phyllis & John Cook
© Phyllis & John Cook
Phyllis & John Cook

Love has no age! Phyllis Cook, 102, and John Cook, 100, are proof of this. They decided to tie the knot so late into their lives.

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The Ohio couple decided to get married after a year of living together. The two retirees are extremely happy.

'We were compatible in many ways'

Residents of the same retirement home, within the Kingston residence in Sylvania (United States), Phyllis and John fell in love at first sight.

After a year together, both lovers felt that marriage was the obvious next step. The lovebirds always eat, roll down the halls of the residence in their electric wheelchairs and relax in the sun together.

John Cook told CNN:

We were compatible in many ways, and ended up enjoying each other's company.

An unexpected ceremony

While they were going to the courthouse to get the marriage contract, John and Phyllis Cook found out that they could get married then and there.

So, the retired couple decided to get married on the spot. John told the newspaper: It wasn't planned but we got there and they told us that they could get us married right away, so I said, 'Well, let's get it over with!'

An identical life course

Their lives are very similar. John and Phyllis both lost their spouses during their lifetime. Today, they are delighted to have found love.

Phyllis, who will be turning 103 next August, confessed:

We fell in love with each other, that's all. I know you might think it's a little ridiculous for people our age, but that's the truth.

To see more photos of this lovely newlywed couple check out the video above!

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