Beauty ads using app filters by influencers are now banned

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has prohibited social media influencers to alter beauty ads by using 'misleading' photo filters.

Social media influencers will no longer be allowed to use filters when advertising cosmetic products on their platforms. The ASA's decision has been put into place in an attempt at reducing false advertisement that happens much too often with filters that exaggerate the effects of certain products.

No more false advertisement

This means that your favourite beauty influencer and/or celebrity will not be able to advertise a highlighter or a foundation on a post that has a filter in it as this would be conducive to an automatic removal and ban of the picture in question.

The 29-year-old influencer who is responsible for starting the campaign against false advertisements by social media influencers is named Sasha Pallari and told the BBC she was:

Over the moon! I feel like the detrimental effect this is having on social media users has finally been taken seriously and this is a huge step in the right direction for how filters are used and the way cosmetics are advertised online.

On top of not only falsely advertising products that do not achieve what the poster claims it does, this new law will hopefully also put a stop to unrealistic standards of beauty that have only been instrumental in proliferating body image issues among people worldwide.

The ASA speaks out on their decision

A spokesperson for the ASA commented:

An ongoing focus of our work in this area continues to be on raising awareness of the rules and supporting influencers with the guidance and tools they need to help get their ads right. We're also working closely with the social media platforms who can and will enforce our rulings where an advertiser is unwilling or able to work with us.
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