She thought she had a kidney infection but she was actually nine months pregnant

Katie O'Brien thought she had a kidney infection because she went to the bathroom very often. After doing a urine test, Katie made an incredible discovery. The doctors told her that she was not suffering from an infection but that an event would soon turn her life upside down...

When she thought she had a kidney infection, Katie O'Brien found out she was actually expecting a baby. Katie became aware of her pregnancy a few minutes after performing a urine test.

Labour less than a day after finding out about pregnancy

The 25-year-old from Caerphilly, Wales,gave birth to her son Tristan less than 24 hours after learning the happy news. After a visit to the hospital where she took the time to tell her boyfriend Ryan, Katie was sent home. The emotion was at its peak for the couple and for Katie's grandparents, with whom she lives.

In addition to this unexpected arrival, Katie and Ryan were warned that she could have given birth at any time. She then gave birth on her grandparents' sofa a few hours after her return.

No signs indicating pregnancy

In previous months, Katie didn't realise she was pregnant. The young woman even lost weight two months before Tristan's birth. Katie says she hadn't gotten any kicks and hadn't noticed any movement of her baby during pregnancy.

According to her, no physical signs alerted her about her pregnancy. The doctors explained to Katie that the baby had probably been lodged near the ribs during pregnancy, which explains why she didn't feel it.

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