Remains of miscarried fetus left in woman for seven months

The woman was bleeding and in constant pain after miscarrying the 12-week pregnancy.

The woman was left in so much pain many months after the miscarriage.
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The woman was left in so much pain many months after the miscarriage.

A woman is furious with hospital staff who left miscarried remains inside her for seven months. Ericka Hall, 38, miscarried the pregnancy at 12 weeks, a day before her scheduled scan.

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Multiple Procedures

The mother of four told of how staff at the Royal Stoke University Hospital sent her home after being checked over in March following the loss of her baby.

According to Hall, the bleeding continued, and she was left in so much pain. She told

I found out I had miscarried the day before my scan. They took me to the Royal Stoke, where I had tests, and they put me on fluids. I ended up having a blood transfusion. Later that night a doctor took me in a room, examined me, and took the rest of the baby contents out. I was released the day after, thinking all would be okay.

But all was far from okay. Hall had to undergo a procedure to remove remaining material from her uterus that lingered after the pregnancy.

I thought I had an infection, I started having some pain. I had a urine test done at the doctors, and nothing came back on that. Then the pain got really bad so I went to the hospital. I went three times in 14 days. Eventually, they took me in and did a scan and found a cyst on my ovary. They said there were still some remains of the baby there from March.

Unbeknownst to the Burslem resident, the ordeal had affected her appendix, so she had to go back months later after excruciating pain to have a keyhole surgery.

Triggering Events

Hall, who has four boys between the ages of 21 and six, said she felt let down by the Royal Stoke and is demanding some answers.

Having suffered from depression in the past, Hall said these traumatizing events could have pushed her off the edge.

The Royal Stoke has encouraged Ericka to contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Team for the case to be investigated and support.

Deputy Chief Nurse Scott Malton said:

We are very sorry to hear of Ericka’s situation. It is always our aim to deliver the highest standards of care possible.
This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse