Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

Worried about gaining weight during your pregnancy? Ohmymag brings you what you need to know.

Gaining Weight During Pregnancy
Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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1. Average weight gain during pregnancy: Weight gain during pregnancy depends on the mother's starting physiognomy. In general, doctors recommend a weight gain of around a kilo per month.

A woman who was overweight before pregnancy will have to be more vigilant about her diet because a significant weight gain increases the risks of complications for the mother and the child. A woman who is underweight will have to be sure to feed herself properly and sufficiently for the good development of the fetus.

2. What diet to adopt to gain weight healthy during pregnancy: You definitely cannot eat a low-calorie diet during pregnancy! Your baby, just like you, needs a balanced diet and enough nutrition to develop properly.

Your eating habits should not change dramatically because you are pregnant. Eat normal portions, with starchy foods, protein and fibre. Avoid too many sugary foods and drinks, which can lead to gestational diabetes. Wash your fruits and vegetables well, do not eat unpasteurised dairy products to avoid bacteria.

Sporty women can continue their activities while taking rest periods, and without practicing dangerous sports for the fetus or for themselves. In fact, it's a matter of common sense: you are pregnant, in good health, so live and eat ... in a balanced way!

3. How to lose weight after pregnancy: Again, there's no miracle answer. Weight loss and weight gain will be different for everyone. Know that between the amniotic fluid and the baby, you should lose about four and a half kilos just after delivery.

The lucky ones will lose their pregnancy weight within two months after the birth of their child. Keep eating healthily and hydrate a lot, especially if you are breastfeeding. Only your doctor may allow you to resume physical activity, depending on your delivery method and your ability to recover.

Take your time! The more gradual your weight loss, the healthier it will be! Be kind to yourself - you have just accomplished the greatest miracle in the world, your body needs rest.

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