At Just 22, This Woman Underwent a Dramatic Body Transformation and Took Back Her Life

'I’d failed to get healthy enough times to lose count. I was resigned to being the sore, tired, fat girl for the rest of my life...and then I wasn’t.' This American woman's story is truly inspirational.

At over 300lbs, Laura Micetich was feeling desperate and considering weight loss surgery. But after deciding to have one last push at losing weight naturally, she managed to shed an incredible amount of weight.

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Slow down. You don’t have to be good at this right away. You don’t have to be good at finding that motivation... at hitting the gym after a long day of work... at finishing the full 45 mins of cardio you read in @muscleandfitness would help you drop pounds... at choosing the healthier option... at saying no to the free pastries at work... at passing on drinks at girls night skipping the buffet at thanksgiving dinner... at being KIND TO YOURSELF. This isn’t all or nothing. Keep trying. Keep failing. Keep having good days and bad. Keep sucking at it. Keep doubting yourself. Keep slipping up. Keep falling off the wagon. KEEP TRYING. But DON’T YOU DARE QUIT

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My whole life, I’d been chubby, obese. After trying and failing to get a handle on my health numerous times, my weight had become a serious enough concern that I was considering weight loss surgery.

Instead, she hit the gym, took up weight-lifting and started eating healthy. After just a few weeks, she realised that surgery wasn't necessary and that she would be able to lose the weight for herself through hard work.

There's no easy solution! Instagram: Laura Micetich

In the first year of her new regime, Laura lost an astonishing seven stone and three years on, she is now a super-fit Instagram influencer, motivating her followers with her amazing transformation. Awesome!

Check out the video above to see Laura's incredible transformation!

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