Optical illusion: How many legs do you see in this photo?

This photo is driving the web crazy. How many legs do you see in this image?

Here's a photo that is driving internet users crazy

Two photos confused thousands of internet users. On the photos, a young woman can be seen taking a selfie with legs that are either extremely thin or too many for a single human body.

Internet users love optical illusions. After the famous dress with the hardly recognizable colour in 2015, the new debate revolves around the legs of a young woman, which at first glance seem to be far too thin.

On Twitter, this Spanish woman shared a double selfie that has divided internet users.

Internet users have been completely perplexed by the illusion. This confusion is due to the vertical strip on the young woman's trousers, which gives the impression that there are two particularly thin legs.

One person stated:

Stop! I thought you were that (expletive) skinny, I thought the white stripe was the gap between your legs, I got so scared.

Another internet user said:

I thought I was crazy!

Visibly happy with the small notoriety brought by her post, which has been retweeted more than 40,000 times, the young woman joked about her illusion:

I'm a meme!

Optical illusions invade social networks

Every day, different photos shake the web because of a strange detail or an impressive optical illusion.

Check out the photo that is so talked about in the video above!

Blue: This colour may actually be an optical illusion Blue: This colour may actually be an optical illusion