Man dresses up as girlfriend to sit exam for her

A man in the US dressed as his girlfriend in order to sit a school exam for her—claiming she has 'serious difficulties' with English.

Talk about doing anything in the name of love! Ladies and gentlemen, please take note: this is how you show your girl how much she's really worth.

Cunning scheme for love

A man risked it all by dressing up as his own girlfriend so he could take the exam for her. Although he was eventually caught, it took the school administration four full days to figure out the pair's cunning scheme. The man was wearing a wig and a headscarf as camouflage.

22-year-old Khadim Mboup did not stop not looking a thing like his girlfriend from pretending to be her to help her graduate! The couple managed to get away with sitting three days of English examinations, but it wasn't until an exam monitor noticed something was a little off.

As it turns out, Mboup did not half-a** one bit of the ingenious plan; the man wore a wig, headscarf, dress, bra, earrings and makeup to make him look like his girlfriend,19-year-old Gangue Dioum.

Serious charges

The events took place at Gaston Berger University near the city of Saint Louis in the US, a school Mboup was very familiar with as he had also attended the same high school. The couple reportedly hatched the plan over the course of several days.

Upon being caught, police were called to the scene before ultimately arresting Mboup who later admitted he committed the crime 'out of love' seeing as his girlfriend exhibited serious difficulties with English.

The couple have since been charged with examination fraud and forgery, and now face being banned from taking part in any national exams for up to five years.

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