How Is Archie? Prince Harry Comments On The Wellbeing Of His Son

Prince Harry recently reassured the public of how his son Archie is doing, which has been a rather discrete subject as of late.

How Is Archie? Prince Harry Comments On The Wellbeing Of His Son
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We rarely get updates about little Archie. Jane Goodall has confirmed that he is adorable, ‘very cute and very gentle’ as well as other sources revealing that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first son has red hair. But that’s it, or pretty much anyway.

A few days ago, Prince Harry himself commented on how his son is doing after a student at Lealands High School asked:

‘Prince Harry, how is everything going with Archie?’ The response given by Lady Diana’s son? ‘He is really well, thanks, and he is getting so big.’

A few hours earlier, during a visit to the Netherlands, Prince Harry admitted that he had gotten ‘the best night’s sleep I’ve had for the last 4 months.’

Parenthood can be trying even for the most privileged of us. Its heartwarming to know that the parents of the young prince are so closely involved in the wellbeing of their child.

Soon, he will be taking his son on an official visit to Africa. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to clear up any doubts people may have about him and his little family!